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Pedro Feijoo
[Ediciones B]

In certain situations, a person's life can change forever. To witness a murder is one of them. »

Manuel Hidalgo
[Alianza Editorial]

An original, cultural, historical, sociological and very personal exploration, brilliant and surprising, full of sense of humor and wisdom, light and cultured at the same time, can be read as a novel and that will delight all types of readers. »

José Antonio Millán

Why do the sayings rhyme? Why do protesters chant slogans that mark their march? Why do all the lullabies in the world look alike? Why do children play with nonsense words? Why do spells have mysterious resonances? »

DEPORTADO 4443. Sus tuits ilustrados
Ioannes Ensis and Carlos Hernández de Miguel
[Ediciones B]

The story of the Spanish prisoner tweeting from Mauthausen becomes a comic. »

At the Service of the Small and Medium-Sized Companies

At Ingenio de Comunicación we work to achieve a continuous and positive presence for your company in the Media, and we  thereby help you to achieve those commercial, social, and institutional objectives that have been established. Among others, that your company be the leader and reference in the sector.

Ingenio de Comunicación offers you a personalized attention, adjusted to your needs and your means. Those of us who work here do so convinced that a targeted external communication management is vital to promote your brand, to enhance your product.

We work in all areas and with companies of all sizes and ambitions, as our long and diverse list of clients attests. But, we know especially well the needs of those companies and institutions which, for various reasons, decide to externalize those tasks belonging to the press office.

Ingenio de Comunicación offers budgets adjusted for optimal results. We place at your disposition our large professional experience, and our smooth and established relationship with the communication media and with those who work in this field. Because one does not need to be a gigantic company in order to have an adequate and effective communications policy.

Our books

EL GENIO MIOPE, de Sara Gutiérrez y Eva Orúe, con ilustraciones de Víctor Secades, detalla la influencia de la miopía en la pintura, las artes escénicas, la literatura y el cómic.

Miopes fueron muchos de los impresionistas, actores y actrices como James Dean o Marilyn Monroe, Giovanni Papini, María Callas y Rompetechos, entre otros.

LOS VAGABUNDOS (Reino de Cordelia), de Maksím Gorki. Traducción de Sara Gutiérrez, prólogo de Eva Orúe.

Entre 1895 y 1899, Gorki escribió relatos y novelas cortas donde recogía su propia experiencia personal como vagabundo.

Sara Gutiérez ha seleccionado y traducido seis de las piezas más brillantes.

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