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EL ÚLTIMO VERANO DE LA URSS, at the Madrid Book Fair

On Monday, September 20, Sara Gutiérrez will present the book (Eugenio Trías Library, 18:00) in conversation with Lídia Pujol, who will perform songs from her album “Conversando con Cecilia”. The author will sign copies on Saturday 18, from 12:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (booth 49, Librería Berkana). [+]

Alberto Olmos
[HarperCollins Ibérica]

With humor and wit, Olmos analyzes nostalgia for simple things and true attitudes, and discovers the shabby as the most essentially Spanish tradition, a tradition that, like all traditions, consists of making the past together. [+]

Víctor Català
[Club Editor]

"The brutality of the rural world is similar everywhere, violence against women, too. Writing is also breaking down the laws of silence that hide them." NAJAT EL HACHMI. [+]


The presentation of the festival will take place on September 24, at 11:00 and at the CaixaBank Cultural Activities Pavilion at the Madrid Book Fair. [+]

Christian Berkel
[HarperCollins Ibérica]

"Berkel weaves a moving novel tracing the fate of his mother and father, who fell in love in adolescence, which led them to separate and meet again through the decades and historical vicissitudes." LE MONDE. [+]

Edgardo Dobry
[Club Editor]

The parasympathetic is the nervous system that regulates the activities of the body at rest. It is also the new collection of poems by Edgardo Dobry: a journey through distant places and events in space and time, rediscovering their secret affinities. [+]

Jose Gil Romero y Goretti Irisarri
[HarperCollins Ibérica]

"Exciting novel", says Nieves Herrero, of "love, espionage and forbidden books in a magnificent intrigue starring a modest but brave translator." [+]

Clyo Mendoza

"It has the poetic and wild force of the desert. In its pages there is tenderness, fear and a writing forceful, rhythmic and with images difficult to forget. (...) It is a disturbing novel and, at the same time, deeply moving." MÓNICA OJEDA. [+]

At the Service of the Small and Medium-Sized Companies

At Ingenio de Comunicación we work to achieve a continuous and positive presence for your company in the Media, and we  thereby help you to achieve those commercial, social, and institutional objectives that have been established. Among others, that your company be the leader and reference in the sector.

Ingenio de Comunicación offers you a personalized attention, adjusted to your needs and your means. Those of us who work here do so convinced that a targeted external communication management is vital to promote your brand, to enhance your product.

We work in all areas and with companies of all sizes and ambitions, as our long and diverse list of clients attests. But, we know especially well the needs of those companies and institutions which, for various reasons, decide to externalize those tasks belonging to the press office.

Ingenio de Comunicación offers budgets adjusted for optimal results. We place at your disposition our large professional experience, and our smooth and established relationship with the communication media and with those who work in this field. Because one does not need to be a gigantic company in order to have an adequate and effective communications policy.

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